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      Hi, this is Sam Maxwell.  I've worked in the entertainment and giftware industry for over 35 years both as a photographer in Hollywood and as a graphic designer in Las Vegas.  I've created this site as a kind of platform to showcase my various apparel and giftware lines for manufacturers to view for licensing opportunities.  I'll be making it a password only site as it's not meant for the general public.

      It's hard to believe the amount of work one accomplishes over time. Now having produced over 400 popular posters, dozens of calendars and greeting cards for publishers all over the world for everyone from Hallmark to Playboy.  (Yeah I know, a real stretch!)  With my history as promotions and on-air radio talent, photographer, and now apparel designer, I think it gives me a unique perspective on current trends...which hopefully is reflected in my various lines.  I've amassed a huge library of art designs that I've put together in these collections that I'm sharing with you.

      I obviously love what I do.  I've always said that retirement would only allow me more time to create. I hope you enjoy yourself here and please reach out with any questions.  Feel free to dance like nobody's watching... (Oh, except that nosey neighbor next door!)